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Grave - Dog Day / Husband & Knife - Borden Sessions / See You Later (Cassette)

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  1. Apr 18,  · Re: letting the dog watch the grave digging, my dad: "It didn't seem to bother him. Was a little hard on me though." — Franklin Hardy (@franklinhardy) April 18, Once people realized this, what started out as the Saddest Photo of All Time quickly became an opportunity to joke about what the dog was actually thinking, especially given that dogs always see the positive in everything.
  2. This Dog Refused To Leave The Grave, But Not For The Reason You Think A picture of a dog cuddled up in a grave has been circulating the internet, but it’s not what everyone originally thought. Everyone believed the grave belonged to the dog’s owner, but find out the truth in this story posted to Imgur in the author’s own words.
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