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Beat That Bitch (Less Hate Remix)

By Tasida on 2 Comments


  1. And that means your bitch ass too, /u/waryanddiscouraged. Imagine being able to call yourself anything in the world as a man. You call yourself Wary and Discouraged and think you can flex on a bitch just bc she is black. I'd eat snacks on the casket u put urself in and nap real quick you weak ass bitch. I really don't care what ur life story is.
  2. This is for rachel you big fat white nasty smelling fat bitch why you took me off the motherfucking schedule with your trifflin dirty white racist ass you big fat oompa loompa ass bitch i’m coming up there and i’m going to beat the fuck out of you bitch and don’t even call the police today cause ima come up there unexpected and wait on your motherfucking ass bitch i’m coming to beat.

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